First Communion Medals Are Perfect Gift For Boys And Girls In Celebrating The Holy Day Of The Sacram

Published: 04th January 2010
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So, you have a child who is reaching the age of their First Communion. You're likely preparing for the party with decorations, gifts, food and more, but one tradition that you may not have thought of - or thought you were too busy, are First Communion medals. However, this is something that you should definitely consider as a First Communion gift.

There are so many different First Holy Communion medals available including those created as actual pieces of jewelry. You can get these in fourteen carat gold and silver, or white gold, as well as other construction materials with the words First Holy Communion carved into them, or your own message such as your child's name and the date of the First Communion.

You'll want to make sure that you are purchasing quality religious medals in materials such as gold or silver, or another material of your choice. However, for First Communion jewelry, gold and silver are popular because they are expensive and long lasting types and they will remind your child of the seriousness of the time and give them something they will keep forever.

This beautiful tradition has been around for many centuries and Catholic medals will remind children of the vows that they are taking with Communion and what it means, as well remind them of their First Communion for a very long time to come, allowing them to wear the piece or to put it on display.

When choosing 1st Holy Communion medals there are some important things to keep in mind. This type of Catholic Jewelry comes in a variety of materials, we've already discussed that, but there are a few others things to look for when choosing First Communion medals. If you are shopping at a Catholic Bookstore, or online at a Catholic website, then much of the work may have been done for you.

If you choose to go with a different type of store or website that sells Catholic medals then you may be getting poor quality, so you'll want to be careful what you shop for, and make sure that your First Communion medals are worth it. For instance, there are some stores that mark up these type of medals simply because they are inscribed with First Communion.

This is an item that you'll want to keep safe and nice, so the First Communion medal should come with a case and a chain. The chain should be sturdy with a good clasp so that the medal will not get lost accidentally, and the case should be decorative and made to display the medal in case your child wants to put it on a shelf or desk.

Making your child's First Communion memorable is important and First Communion medals are a very nice way to do this, providing them with something valuable that they will treasure, as well as something that will remind them of their responsibilities. A medal can be worn close to the heart where they will be reminded of their commitments and the day of their 1st Holy Communion

A First Communion Medal makes a beautiful gift and keep sake for any child celebrating their First Holy Communion. At, you can find all the 1st Holy Communion Supplies you need to ensure this special day is a success.

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