First Holy Communion- An Introduction

Published: 08th February 2010
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Holy Communion is a very significant occasion for many Catholic families. This ceremony is usually performed when the child is aged seven. This is considered a significant age for children to participate in the Church services. Every child needs to be baptized before the Holy Communion ceremony. This is usually done when the child is born, but of due to some reasons the child is not baptized, this can be arranged by the priest before this event.

This is an important occasion for Catholic families since it signifies the rite of passage into the body of the church. This is usually accompanied by a family gathering or a party. If this is your child's first Holy Communion party, then you might have to make a lot of preparations for the event. There are a number of websites that offer first communion party supplies that consist of decors, jewelries and other items that are need to organize the party.

There are a lot of ways how a Holy Communion maybe celebrated. Your child will be really grateful if you allow him to choose the theme for the event. If you want to surprise him, you can select a theme that portrays his hobbies or personality. He can even be gifted first communion medals to signify the importance of the event in his life

Next step is the invitations. There are a lot of ways that first communion invites can be created. You can go in for adding your child's photo or decorating them with lace, ribbons, cross or any other religious item that signifies the event. If you are a working parent and do not have time for creating cards, you can take the assistance of online websites that can help you in deciding layouts for the cards.

Innovative or simple words can be added specifying the date, time and venue of the party. If you have no idea how to go about the invitations, you can even take the advice and suggestions of your neighbors or friends who have already experienced such events in their lives. Moreover, you can even browse the first communion party supplies stores for unique and great ideas.

Different themes can be selected for the First Holy Communion, depending on the situation. Some people may plan a formal event consisting of speeches and toasts, while others may prefer to have a fun filled party in order to mark the significance of the occasion. Every occasion demands for snacks and a cake. You can even arrange for dances with a light music playing in the background.

The difficult task comes while choosing favor packs for the guests. If this is your first communion, you are in total dilemma so as to what to give away as first communion favors. Jars, photo frames, jewelries with a cross attached to it, a small bible and other items can be given to the guests, acknowledging their presence in the party. Kids can be given religious playing cards along with chocolates and cookies.

If you really want to create a lasting impact in the minds of your child, you can take the assistance of the internet. You will come across many articles and blogs, which offer you tips and advice so as to how to make a lasting impression on the guests and your child. Like said earlier there are a number of online stores that come with wide varieties of first communion favors for both adults and kids. These are completely affordable and will fit well in your budget. You can even ask in nearby stores for assistance.

With essential 1st Communion Supplies from, finding the best First Holy Communion favors for your guests will be easy.

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