Personalize Your Child's Holy Day with a First Communion Banner

Published: 15th December 2009
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If you have a First Communion on the way you'll have your hands full of food, decorations, gifts and clothing, and one thing that you'll need is the First Communion Banner. We'll show you how to choose the right banner, and how to save a little bit of money on this necessity as well as some neat First Communion Banner ideas to make your banner unique and special.

You'll need to figure out what words you want on the banner, whether it be your child's name and the words First Communion or First Holy Communion. You can either go with personalized First Communion banners or you can get generic ones that just announced the 1st Communion, whichever way you prefer.

Before you head out to your local print shop to get a First Communion personalized banner created and printed for a fair bit of money, consider the talent you have in your family or in your own house. A custom created First Communion banner from your little artist, or teen with an eye for design or computers will save you money and add a much more personal touch to the party.

If you want to go with a printed banner from a coffee shop then if you don't include any design then you'll likely spend an average of one hundred to one hundred and fifty bucks for your 1st Communion banner. If you look online however, you will find that there are many online printers offering better deals and your First Holy Communion banners may not be that much.

You'll want a banner that is large enough to see, so I recommend one that is at least six feet long as two or two and a half feet wide. You can even go up to eight or ten feet if you want. Outdoor vinyl is a good choice for your banner and you can attach strings to the end of it to tie it up high where it will be instantly visible.

However, for those of you that like the homemade idea, then you can cut out your own piece of vinyl or whatever material you choose and set your artist to work with some paints. You can print out images and letters off your computer onto heavy paper and cut them into stencils or use stencils purchased from a store.

What you put on your 1st Holy Communion personalized banner is up to you, but obviously to mark the occasion for pictures and such, you should put your child's name on the banner, as well as First Communion or First Holy Communion and the date of the party, that way it will show up in photographs.

There are many options for First Communion Banners and choosing to have someone in your family make them, especially someone that requires little or no supervision can certainly save you a lot of party planning time and quite a bit of money, or you can choose to go with an experienced company for a professional looking banner. Either way, I'm sure it will look great!

Personalize the post ceremony party with a First Communion Banner. At, you can find all the 1st Holy Communion Supplies you need to ensure this special day is a success.

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